Angel Dad’s Amnesty Message to Trump: ‘Don’t Give In to the Democrats; Stick to Your Guns’

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Angel Dad Juan Piña shared his advice for President Donald Trump during Thursday’s Breitbart News Tonight interview with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak: “Don’t give in to the Democrats” by supporting amnesty for 1.8 million illegal aliens.

Piña, a California resident and member of the Remembrance Project, lost his 14-year-old daughter, Christy, 28 years ago. In February 1990, Christy was kidnapped, raped, sodomized, and murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico who had been arrested twice and released twice on bond for kidnapping, raping, and murdering two other 14-year-old American girls in separate incidents three years prior to Christy’s death.

The illegal alien who murdered Piña’s daughter had been arrested twice previously for kidnapping and raping underage girls, subsequently fleeing to Mexico both times following release on bail. Piña shared some details of the victimization of his daughter.

“Christy had just turned 14 when she was found murdered in an artichoke field in Castroville,” said Piña. “She had been strangled, stabbed, raped, and sodomized, and he threw her nude body into an artichoke field. This person that did it, back in ’87, this person had kidnapped a 14-year-old girl and kidnapped and raped her and sodomized her and tortured. He got put in jail, got out on a $5,000 bail in July. He got out on bail, left, went back to Mexico. In September of the same year, 1987, he came back, and he kidnapped another one. He did the same thing, just a little bit worse, and again, he got put in jail, and again, he got out on bail, and he took off to Mexico, and then he came back, and that’s when he got Christy. He kidnapped Christy, and that’s when he murdered Christy.”

Piña advised Trump to resist political pressures to extend amnesty to illegal aliens.

“I would tell him, ‘Don’t give in,'” said Piña. “Don’t give in to the Democrats. Stick to your guns and you’re gonna be fine … because in the end, they’re going to throw you under the bus anyway. Regardless what you do, they’re going to throw you under the bus. Don’t give in to their threats because they’re going to throw you under the bus in the end anyway, no matter what you do.”

Despite Piña’s opposition to Trump’s amnesty offer on Capitol Hill, he expressed enduring support for the president.

“I don’t support what [Donald Trump is] doing [with amnesty], but I’ll still vote for the man,” said Piña. “He’s done a lot of great things. The Democrats – what they want is the vote, for sure. I thought it was pretty generous what [Donald Trump] was doing. He could’ve just said, ‘You know what? Shut the government down. Let’s not give amnesty to anybody [and] send them all home.’ He could’ve said that, but he didn’t, and still, they’re not happy. They just can’t stand the man, and that’s all there is to it because he’s stirring that pot of soup, believe me, and it was getting stuck down at the bottom, and he’s getting all the shit up, and they don’t like it – none of them. He’s got a lot of people against him, but then, he’s got a lot of people that are with him.”

“They come over here, and they disrespect us,” said Piña, sharing his observations of illegal immigrants in his hometown of Castroville, California. “We’re feeding them. We’re doing everything possible: free education, free health care. I live in a town with about three or four thousand [illegal immigrants] in this little farm community, and they’re all on food stamps, welfare. They have better cars than we do. They work under two social security numbers. I see it. Then, they show us their checks. I’m in with these people here; I see all this.”

America’s cohort of illegal immigrants contains “a lot of bad people” and “riffraff,” said Piña. Such undesirables, he added, are being protected by Democrats and the broader left within “sanctuary cities.”

“These people are being protected by sanctuary cities,” said Piña. “It’s hard for us, for me, and the rest of the [Angel] parents. It’s hard for us to take what’s going on with the government: giving them amnesty, doing all this. It’s hard for us because there’s a lot of bad people there. I don’t see the idea of giving them amnesty or the DACA thing. There’s a lot of riffraff in that, and that had to be dealt with.”

In August 2015, Trump described “bad hombres and bad dudes” among illegal immigrants as a threat to national security.

The political apparatus ignored Angel families until the rise of Donald Trump, said Piña.

“For 27 years, we had nothing,” Piña stated. “Nobody ever wanted to do anything about this – never even mentioned it. Nobody wanted to discuss it. Nobody wanted to do anything, but when Trump got in there, he started mentioning it. He started bringing this out about the illegal immigrants.”

Mansour invited Piña to address left-wing and partisan Democrat derision of Trump as a “racist.”

“There’s a lot of talk about, that Donald Trump is racist because of the crackdown on illegal immigration and illegal immigration crime,” said Mansour. “Now, you are obviously of Hispanic descent, and so is Christy. How do you view these people that say that this is somehow a racial issue?”

“This is not a racist thing,” replied Piña. “The man is not a racist. I was interviewed by him. … I went to Houston with The Remembrance Project and I met [then-candidate Donald Trump], and we sat here next to each other, and we talked. I’ve talked to him a couple of other times. The man is not a racist. There’s nothing. These people who say he’s a racist, they need to get a check because there’s no racist thing about it.”

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