Danny Tarkanian: Voters Will Turn Out for More America First Policies in November

Republican congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian talks with a reporter Friday, March 16, 2018, at the Clark County Government Center in Las Vegas about President Donald Trump asking him to switch from running for U.S. Senate to running for a Congress seat in Nevada. Tarkanian said Trump was "adamant," and said …
AP Photo/Ken Ritter

Congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian proclaimed his confidence on Saturday’s edition of Breitbart News radio that voters will come out in November to support him and more successful America First policies.

Danny Tarkanian first discussed President Donald Trump’s request that he leave his primary challenge to Sen. Dean Heller to run for Congress again. “When you have the President of the United States, the leader of the party that I’m a member of, asking you to do this and saying it’s important for his America First Agenda, I felt I needed to make that move.”

As for a pathway to victory, Tarkanian recounted for show host Matthew Boyle, the circumstances in which he lost his 2016 congressional run by one percent. He recalled that the top of the Nevada Republican Party came out with a pledge to not vote for Donald Trump. According to Tarkanian, this “depressed the turnout” and led Nevada to become the only battleground state that did not go for Trump.

But according to the congressional candidate, the effect to Trump’s policies — lower unemployment, rising wages, destruction of ISIS, and a reduced number of border crossings — will lead voters to want to vote for more.

“People are going to go to the polls in November, and they’re going to be more excited to keep those policies going. And I’ve always been a supporter of those policies,” he said. Speaking of the third congressional district where he is running, Tarkanian said, “It’s a district that has more conservative voters out there and it’s a seat that … it’s very winnable.”

Asked whether he is still fighting for the same things that Trump is, Tarkanian said his strong convictions for his political beliefs are very much in line with Trump’s America First agenda. “I don’t flip-flop on my positions,” he added.

“I support President Trump and what he’s trying to do,” Tarkanian said of his reasons for first entering the U.S. Senate race and now having moved to run for the third district congressional seat.

Tarkanian recalled messages from Nevadans, asking him to run against Heller before he took up a primary challenge to the senator. But when Trump asked him to move to the congressional race to best serve the America First agenda, Tarkanian did so to support the president.

Host Amanda House asked Tarkanian about his comparison between the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and Dean Heller. He stated that Ivanka Trump herself would likely call herself a moderate. “Everybody knows Dean Heller is not a conservative, he’s more of a moderate and he flip-flops on positions. That isn’t something that’s debatable if you look at his record. He’s one of the lowest scores on all of the conservative scorecards.”

Boyle asked Tarkanian to explain the need for a wall on the U.S. southern border.

“Common sense tells you you can’t have a sovereign country with a rule of law if you can’t protect who’s coming in and out of the country and what’s coming in and out of the country,” replied Tarkanian.

The now-congressional candidate then slammed Democrats for obstructing construction of a southern border wall after they “voted for the wall in the early 2000s.”

“They’re only against it now because President Trump and the Republican Party want to have it done,” he charged. He said that when not identified with Trump’s request, an “overwhelming majority” of Nevadans would support a wall.

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