Ann Coulter: ‘Longtime Democrat’ Gary Cohn Stopped Trump’s ‘40% Tax on Uber-Rich’


Ann Coulter described a proposal to raise taxes on the “uber-rich” as a “fantastic idea,” offering her remarks in a Tuesday interview with Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Patrick Courrielche on Breitbart News Tonight.

“Tax cuts, I keep reading on Breitbart, are the least popular part of Trump’s program,” said Coulter. “With the taxes, it was Bannon’s — I think fabulous idea — look, you’re giving all these corporations a huge corporate tax cut for people making more than — I forget what it was, it was some astronomical amount — but X million a year; 40 percent tax on them. It would’ve been totally great.”


Coulter continued, “Even if it’s just on paper and there would have been ways to avoid it, and it’s not going to fund the entire federal government, who cares? I hate rich people. The really rich, I hate the Goldman Sachs guys. If you invented something, I don’t hate you; I love you. But if you’re just moving money around, come on.”

Coulter credited former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn with championing opposition to raising taxes on the “uber-rich.”

“It’s supposed to be Gary Cohn who told them, ‘No. No 40 percent tax on the uber-rich,'” stated Coulter. “Longtime Democrat, no wonder he doesn’t want to do anything about it.”

Coulter also called for President Donald Trump to “lay off” Attorney General Jeff Sessions and instead go “against” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, referring to Sessions as a conservative “hero” within the Trump administration.

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