Hans von Spakovsky: Brenda Snipes Is Florida’s ‘Most Incompetent Election Official’

Brenda Snipes in Hat
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Hans von Spakovsky, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and manager of its Election Law Reform Initiative, told Breitbart News that Broward County’s elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is known as Florida’s “most incompetent election official,” offering his remarks in a Monday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Von Spakovsky said, “If you talk to election officials in Florida, they’ll tell you that Brenda Snipes is known as the most incompetent election official in the state, and she just blithely acts as if she doesn’t know any of that. The past mistakes and things she has done, including destroying ballots in violation of state and federal law, there’s just this huge, long list of things, and the latest we have here is Broward County not complying with the state law that requires them by 30 minutes after the close of election day to have a complete count of how many ballots have been counted, [and] how many provisional [and] absentee ballots are out there.”


Von Spakovsky stated, “They were still finding ballots through Saturday, and that shows you her sheer incompetence, and also, she is one of the most overtly partisan election officials in the state. … [Florida Governor Rick Scott] really has no choice, other than to sue and and to get his people in there to try to watch what she is doing and what the people working for her are doing, because she can’t be trusted to do the right thing and to follow the law.”

Von Spakovsky also noted how Palm Beach County’s elections supervisor Susan Bucher — a Democrat — is signaling her inability to comply with Florida’s Thursday recount deadline.

“[Susan Bucher] has been refusing to allow observers in, like she is required to do, which makes the situation even worse because you’re supposed to have transparency, and yet she is refusing to do that,” noted von Spakovsky.

Von Spakovsky added, “Unfortunately, Governor Rick Scott, prior to the election, did not do what he had the power to do as governor and should have done, which is remove both of these election officials from their jobs because of their past incompetence. So now, unfortunately, we’re faced with them still being in charge and running things.”

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush accused Snipes — who he appointed as Broward County’s elections supervisor — of violating the Sunshine State’s election laws.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested on Saturday that criticisms of Snipes are rooted in racism against blacks.

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