Exclusive — Donald Trump Jr.: Trump ‘100 Percent Right’ that Fake News Is Enemy of the American People

CONROE, TX - OCTOBER 03: Donald Trump Jr speaks at a Ted Cruz Rally at the Lone Star Convention Center on October 3, 2018 in Conroe, Texas.
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Donald Trump Jr. told Breitbart News Saturday that President Trump is “100 percent right” that the fake news media are the enemy of the American people.

Trump Jr. spoke with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle about special counsel Robert Mueller’s bombshell statement disputing a BuzzFeed report. The report alleged that President Trump directed his former attorney, Michael Cohen, to make false statements to Congress regarding a proposed real estate deal in Russia.

Donald Trump Jr. said that virtually every single bombshell report in the last two years alleging that President Trump or the Trump campaign engaged in collusion with Russia or some form of obstruction of justice has been “fake news.”

“Everything that has gone on for the last, frankly, two years now and all of these stories, every bombshell that CNN has had, two of them pertaining to me, has been fake news. I mean, I think they have a very serious credibility issue because people are running around there, they’re saying this happened, that happened, everyone is leaking, everyone is doing this, and the reality is that none of those things have happened. Zero proof of this,” Trump Jr. explained.

“When you had the fake bomber, they tracked that guy down in about three-and-a-half hours. But in two years, over two years, with the biggest team ever assembled in the greatest witch hunt ever put together in the United States and probably anywhere, they found nothing. And I think they’re starting to get a credibility problem. Real Americans, outside of the leftist vacuum, that is CNN and their viewership, they don’t get it. They don’t believe it anymore. They see the job numbers. They see the economy. They see all of these things and hear all of the noise and think, ‘Man, Trump is doing pretty good.’ Imagine what he could do without that crap, without that garbage.”

Boyle said that the fake news media have “no regard for the truth. They don’t care about what’s accurate. They will just go out and say if they think it will get you guys.”

The president’s son said that although Trump has received criticism for calling the fake news media the “enemy of the people,” Trump has been vindicated yet again by this BuzzFeed report.

President Trump tweeted on Friday, “Fake News is truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

“When my father said, ‘The fake news is really the enemy of the American people,’ he got a lot of heat for saying that, but it’s really hard to say that he wasn’t 100 percent right. The real problem is, the fake news media is the mainstream media these days,” Trump Jr. charged. “Unfortunately, they have become everything they have been against initially” [emphasis added].

Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle asked Trump Jr. how the fake news media’s distortion of the facts makes them the “enemy of the people.”

Trump Jr. responded, “They are trying to subvert the duly elected President of the United States, someone who is fighting hard for this country, someone who is doing this at no salary, someone who is doing this not because he had to or because it was an upgrade for him, but someone who walked away from a billionaire lifestyle, and they’re running around saying, ‘Well, we believe he’s a Russian agent.’ Seriously? I mean give me a break.”

“Guess what? It’s not working this time, and they can’t stand someone who will fight back against their crap and not just bow down to them,” Trump Jr. said.

“They have no understanding of the American people. They have no understanding of hard-working, blue-collar Americans. They don’t get it. They laugh at them. They joke about them in their little D.C. circles,” Trump Jr. added.

He continued, “The Democrats don’t care. They want open borders because they want everyone coming in, not offering much to the system, getting dependent, taking government funds, and ultimately voting for more Democrats. This is not rocket science, Matt. It’s very common. They’re doing this and trying to do this for decades. They’ve actually been pretty effective at it, but now, they have a president that’s actually pushing back.”

Trump Jr. said, “You have the media, and I mean all of the media functioning as the marketing arm of the Democratic party.”

Boyle concluded the interview asking the president’s son what his message was to President Trump’s followers, infamously mocked as “deplorables.” Trump Jr. urged the deplorables to keep fighting for Trump’s America First agenda and to have civil conversations about how to Make America Great Again.

“Just keep fighting, guys. Just keep pushing. Speak to people. Get them to understand what’s going on, but do it in a civil way,” Trump Jr. said. “This can be done with facts.”

“Stay in the game. Trust that he knows what he’s doing and that he knows how to fight. We just all need to stay in the game and stay together, and with six more years, it’s going to be awesome,” Trump Jr. concluded.

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