Exclusive — MyPillow Inventor and CEO Mike Lindell: How I Fought Back Against Boycotts

Mike Lindell
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MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell explained his rejection of left-wing boycott campaigns pressuring his business to withdraw advertising from conservative news media outlets such as Breitbart News and talk radio platforms during a Monday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Marlow said, “I guess some of the younger, more woke, more left-wing people in the advertising departments of a lot of these big companies want to avoid conservative audiences. You’ve gone the exact opposite [direction]. You’re a huge supporter of talk radio and Fox News. Talk to us about targeting, specifically, this audience, my audience, and the Breitbart News audience with your products.”



Lindell explained his support for President Donald Trump and conservative audiences. “I advertise everywhere,” said Lindell. “This is just one of the biggest parts of my audience. I met the president before he was president in the summer of 2016 in a private meeting, and after I met with him and he told me about the inner city, the jobs he was going to bring back, made-in-America, and I went all in after that.”

Lindell recalled how leftists damaged his reputation with the Better Business Bureau following his open support for Trump.

“It didn’t matter to me,” stated Lindell. “This is what I know God wanted me to do, and I went all in. If you know, right away they lowered my rating from an A+ to an F in the Better Business Bureau. I was attacked like you wouldn’t believe, but I stood my ground, and I know what I believed in, and I’m not going to change from that.”

Lindell added, “When they started doing different boycotts — it started with Laura Ingraham — they said, ‘Boycott MyPillow,’ now when they say it, they go, ‘Don’t boycott Mike Lindell. He’ll double his ads. We see enough of that guy!’ When it comes to these boycotts, the one who gets hurt is the consumer. They’ll boycott and take you off certain programs. In the long run, the consumer pays. I don’t boycott other stations, even the ones that bad-mouth me personally.”

“I stand for what I believe,” declared Lindell. “I stand up for God, and I stand up for the president, and I’m not going to change my advertising. I do what’s best for my customers and my employees. I have 1,600 employees who rely on my decisions.”

Lindell went on, “I’ve been attacked publicly, out in the open, at a state fair in Minnesota. I know it was a plant. This gal came out and said, ‘You’re hurting your employees. You’re staying on these stations and backing this president.’”

Conducting oneself honorably yields its own rewards, said Lindell.

“If you do what’s right, it comes out right,” remarked Lindell.

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