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Ford to Discontinue AM Radios in Most New Vehicles Starting in 2024

Ford plans to drop AM radios from most of its new vehicles starting in 2024, raising concerns about public safety communication. The automaker had previously announced plans to drop the AM radio from its electric vehicles due to “interference” between the electric drive train and AM reception.

James Farley, president and chief executive officer of Ford Motor Co., speaks during a lau

The Left Thought They Canceled Bill O’Reilly. They Were Wrong.

After his departure from Fox News in 2017, many on the left thought Bill O’Reilly was finished. Canceled. Done. They were wrong. The conservative political commentator famous for his “no spin” approach to punditry has spent the last five years building up his media empire — which includes a subscription site, radio, podcasting, streaming video, and his wildly popular Killing series of historical books.

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Obama Complains About Decentralized New Media

“You can argue that that’s part of the reason why our politics has gotten so polarized, is that—when I was growing up, if the president spoke to the country, there were three stations and every city had its own newspaper and they were going to cover that story,” President Obama says. “And that would last for a couple of weeks, people talking about what the president had talked about.”

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Wall Street Journal Again Blames Talk Radio for GOP Infighting

The editorial page of The Wall Street Journal has a big problem with talk radio.

Once again, the media’s leading flacks for illegal aliens and the non-Republican wing of the Republican party are pointing the finger at Rush Limbaugh et al for the ongoing turmoil in the GOP.

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Obama Slams Talk Radio … Again

“You know, I know sometimes folks get discouraged about Washington — I know I do — because the arguments between the parties are just so stark, and all the differences are exaggerated, and what attracts attention and gets on the news on TV is conflict and shouting and hollering,” Obama said. “And as a consequence, everybody kind of goes into their corners and nobody agrees to anything, and nothing gets done, and everybody gets cynical and everybody gets frustrated.”

U.S President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White H

Ted Cruz Winning the ‘Talk Show Primary’

With his early entry into the race for the hunt for the Republican nomination for president, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has become the talk of conservative radio. In fact, he is not just the talk of talk radio, but the toast of talk radio. Some feel that Cruz is winning the “talk show primary.”

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