Steve Milloy Contradicts Climate Alarmists on Plastic Straw Bans, Eating Meat

Paper straws sit soft drinks at Wipeout Bar & Grill on June 21, 2018 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley are all considering bans on plastic straws but are facing the difficult challenge of finding suppliers that make paper straws. Aardvark Straws, one of a few paper …
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Steve Milloy, founder of Junk Science website, spoke to Breitbart News Sunday, countering climate alarmists’ proposals that would force Americans to stop eating meat and ban plastic straws.

Host Matthew Boyle spoke with Milloy regarding the climate change activists’ “strike” to force America to adopt more radical climate change programs.

Milloy contended that the left’s climate politics serve as a cynical ploy for more control over Americans’ lives.

“It’s not about the climate because if anyone that uses energy and CO2 emissions knows that it’s not about the climate, it’s about politics. It’s about power. Climate is a shield behind which the left advances its political agenda, and Greta Thurnberg is a human shield behind which they advance their human agenda. It’s straight power politics. They hope that they can get people so scared that they vote for Democrats, or I don’t know what else. No one in the world is cutting emissions. Not even in Europe,” he explained.

“It’s part of their 2020 strategy they think they can defeat President Trump with, partially relying on this,” Milloy added.

Milloy then said the climate activists do not want Americans to eat cheeseburgers anymore so that they can cut down on methane emissions. The owner of Junk Science said methane gas has little to no impact on climate change.

He explained, “The problem with this argument, though, is that blue sky atmosphere methane is a greenhouse gas, but in the real world, it has no global warming potential because whatever greenhouse gas potential it has, they’re blocked out by the carbon dioxide that’s already in the atmosphere, as well as the water vapor. I call methane the irrelevant greenhouse gas; it just doesn’t matter.”

Milloy also said recent efforts to ban plastic straws across the West will have little impact on the environment, considering most of the ocean’s plastic pollution comes from Asia and Africa.

“They want to make people hyper-aware of the environment. Yeah, there is some trash in the ocean that is plastic trash in the ocean, and I guess they found a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose, and possibly, dolphins have choked to death,” he said. “But you know 90 percent of the plastic of the ocean comes from four rivers in Asia and Africa. None of it comes from the United States. We know how to throw away our trash.”

“There’s no way a straw in a Washington, DC, restaurant is going to end up in a turtle’s nose. Plastic trash is not a problem here. It’s crazy even to deny this,” he added.

“Plastic makes our lives so much more convenient and comfortable, but environmentalists don’t care about that. Facts have never mattered to them,” Milloy said.

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