Exclusive – Ann Coulter: Our Broken Border, Not Iran, Kills 30,000 Americans Every Year

Ann Coulter
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“Iranians are no threat to America in this country,” said Ann Coulter during a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host John Hayward, adding a warning of “30,000 Americans dying on American soil every year because of our neighbor to the south.”

Mansour invited Coulter’s ranking of national security threats in the context of recent developments in Iran and Iraq, asking which country poses the greatest danger to America.

Thirty thousand Americans die every year as a result of border insecurity, stated Coulter, pointing to drug overdoses via substances smuggled across the southern border, fatal drunk driving accidents caused by illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. via Mexico, and Mexican drug cartel gang killings.

Coulter said, “I’m thinking national security must have something to do with keeping Americans alive, and yeah, that award would go to Mexico. On my very, very, very conservative estimate of heroin deaths, fentanyl deaths, methamphetamine deaths — of the heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine coming [and] being brought to us by our neighbor on the south, Mexico — drunk driving accidents — again, very, very conservative estimate of how many deaths are attributable to drunk driving by Hispanics, either Mexicans themselves or those who have had safe passage through Mexico to our southern border and into our country — and throw in the handful of gang killings, of Los Zetas, of the cartel killings, the occasional mass murder by Mexicans, and you get to 30,000 Americans dying on American soil every year because of our neighbor to the south.”


Coulter lamented news media subversion of information related to border insecurity and immigration and broad focus on Middle Eastern conflicts,

“But that never gets talked about, no, that wide open border,” continued Coulter. “Americans are supposed to spend their time watching idiotic cable news, learning the difference between Sunni and Shia and Soleimani and Khamieni versus Khomeini. No, none of this matters. I mean, it mattered a little bit when we needed their oil. We don’t even need their oil, anymore. This is not important for us to know about, to think about, for cable news hosts to go on and on and on about. Could we have something on wither Los Zetas? Wither El Chapo’s cartel and not always wither Syria, wither Iran, wither ISIS? That has no bearing on any American’s life.”

Coulter remarked, “You have to be in the Middle East to be killed by an Iranian, really, or a Syrian … but by and large, to be killed by Persian or Arab terrorists, or whatever cesspool we’re talking about, you have to go there. So why is the solution to this problem always, ‘Let’s round up our absolutely best Americans, our strongest, bravest, young men and send them to the Middle East’? Let’s not send them there.”

U.S. foreign policy should prioritize the Western Hemisphere, advised Coulter.

“We don’t need your oil, can we get back to this hemisphere?” asked Coulter. “Which really always has been the Republican position, from George Washington to Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, and, by the way, Richard Nixon who, contrary to perhaps a few mistakes, was a great president. It’s usually been Republicans who take us out and end wars with honor. We don’t start stupid pointless wars killing our best Americans. That’s the tradition that Republicans are voting for. Be like Reagan; he won the Cold War without firing a shot. Be like Eisenhower; he said he could conceive of no greater tragedy than America getting involved in Vietnam.”

Coulter went on, “These were Democrat wars. Dumb wars. Long wars, accomplishing little, harming our country and again, killing our best Americans. Why would we be doing this more than halfway on the other side of the globe? Iranians are no threat to America in this country. Neither are Iraqis. Mexicans are, 30,000 Americans — conservative estimate — killed every year by Mexicans from the drug cartels, drunk driving, the illegal aliens. That’s not even counting all the social services. That’s not counting the child rapes. That’s not counting the lost wages.”

“They will never talk about the country on our border killing 30,000 Americans every year,” lamented Coulter of the news media’s suppression of border security- and immigration-related information.

“Who cares [about] the details of Sunni versus Shia,” asked Coulter. “I don’t know [and] I don’t care. I think Americans should know a lot more about the Mexican drug cartels than they do about these hellhole countries in the Middle East that should be of absolutely no interest to us.”

Coulter continued, “They’re close to Europe. They’re to Europe what Latin America and the Caribbean [are] to us. Our hemisphere, why don’t we deal with our hemisphere and the countries in our hemisphere who are killing Americans if national security has anything to do with preventing the citizens of your country from being killed? That’s what we should be doing.”

Coulter said, “I don’t think [European news media outlets] are spending all their time talking about, you know, the southern border of America, and wither Los Zetas. They’re not fixating on every little conflict in Latin America. So why are we obsessing with every conflict in the Middle East? Let Europe take care of the Middle East. Let China and Japan take care of North Korea. Can we just please take care of ourselves and our hemisphere?”

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