Exclusive — Rep. Greg Murphy: ‘Biden Administration Should Be Charged with Murder’ for Record-High Overdose Deaths Caused by Open Border Policy

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“The Biden administration should be charged with murder,” Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) said on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart Daily News podcast with host Alex Marlow.

Murphy laid responsibility for overdose deaths among Americans from illicit drugs like fentanyl at the feet of the Biden administration given the White House’s refusal to secure the southern border.

“You’re now reading story after story after story of somebody that’s taking one pill, thinking it’s that, but it’s laced with fentanyl and they’re dead,” Murphy remarked.

He continued, “So, in my opinion, the Biden administration should be charged with murder — flat out — their policies have resulted in record numbers of individuals dying in this country.”

The Biden administration essentially surrendered control of the U.S.-Mexico border to Mexican cartels trafficking drugs and people, Murphy noted.

He said, “The fentanyl is largely made in Afghanistan, but comes through our southern border, and we don’t have control of our border because of the policies that they’ve done, [and this has] led to record numbers of Americans dying. I believe that’s murder.”

“I have known nine young men that were in my kids’ school, in church, in Scouts who have died from overdose deaths. It is horrible. It is crippling. The family never recovers. Businesses, churches, communities never recover from this, and the fact that they are causing it angers me to the greatest extent, and I’m sure you can hear it in my voice. So it is murder. It is murder. They are complicit in the deaths of Americans because of their policies. They did this in Afghanistan and they’re doing it on the streets now with crime that is going through the roof.”

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