DePaul University, We Want Our Money Back

milo-yiannopoulos-depaul-university (1)

Breitbart News is demanding its money back from DePaul University after being forced to pay security fees for guards who failed to secure Milo Yiannopoulos’ safety during his talk at the university.

The event was shut down after activists stormed the stage and issued threats of violence. Black Lives Matters protesters, who grabbed the microphone out the interviewer’s hands and threatened to physically assault Yiannopoulos, were left free to ruin the event after security refused to intervene.

DePaul College Republicans also released a statement in which they branded the security response as “utterly shameful.”

Breitbart News feels it is unacceptable that it was forced to pay security fees for guards who were unwilling to ensure the safety of one of our leading contributors and demand the full security fees back and an apology on behalf of the security team for their failure to meet basic safety standards.

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