Defiant UC Irvine Republicans Issue Blistering Rebuke To Administrators

Robert Petrosyan, Ariana Rowlands, and Peter Van Voorhis of the UCI Republicans

Earlier today, UCI Irvine offered a compromise to the College Republicans, overturning a previous ban one-year accessing event spaces on campus that was issued after the administration learned of their plans to host Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos on campus for a second time.

Following a massive backlash from both conservatives and Bernie Sanders supporters on campus, who defended the rights of the College Republicans to organize, UCI are hoping to put the controversy behind them. But the UCI Republicans have no intention of burying the hatchet just yet.

In a statement posted on their Facebook wall, the College Republicans declined to enter the appeals process, arguing that to do so would be an implicit acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the administration’s complaint.

Instead, UCI’s College Republicans have decided to take a stand for campus conservatives everywhere, who regularly face censorship and second-class treatment from left-leaning activists and university administrations.

The statement, copied in full below, demands unreserved apology, not compromise, from UC Irvine’s administration. Furthermore, they want the administration to take action against discrimination against conservative students — perhaps the defining issue in the politics of American university campuses today.


We want nothing less than a resolution by the University of California Regents to condemn rampant discrimination against conservative students. This discriminatory behavior has been going on for far too long and it needs to be put to an end. It is time for a group to stand up to fight for the rights of conservative students constantly suppressed by administrations across the UC system. We are that group. We will under no circumstances be submitting an appeal for the decision by UCI as that would be an admittance to a wrongdoing we did not commit. We will not be silenced and we will not be stopped.

The UCI Republicans could have accepted the administration’s olive branch, taking the easy route to the permanent restoration of their rights to organize on campus. Instead, they’ve chosen to take a stand for conservative students everywhere.

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