The Milo Yiannopoulos Show: To Be Subversive These Days, You Have to Be a Conservative


On his latest The Milo Yiannopoulos Show podcast, Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos speaks about the rise of conservative rebelliousness.

Milo pointed out that in years gone by it was the liberals that were rebelling against all things mainstream, such as religion and politics, but that now in order to be a rebel and, you must in fact turn to conservatism.

“Do you find it surprising,” Milo asked Canadian writer Alex Kazemi, “that in order to be punk, in order to be transgressive and mischievous and dissident and to indulge in all of these things, you have to be a conservative? You have to be for Christianity in some way, even if you’re not a Christian you have to just want it to exist. You have to be conservative or at the very least Libertarian.”

“None of my colleagues seem to understand this but those MAGA hats are doing for this generation what [Marilyn Manson album] Antichrist Superstar did for mine,” he explained.

“I have literally got more religious in the last four years since I have been on these college campuses reading about social justice warriors, feminists, Black Lives Matter, it’s pushed me to God, I’m serious, it really has,” he continued. “I’ve never been a good Catholic, my mother’s Jewish and I was brought up Catholic by my dad, and I’ve never been a really good catholic. I kinda rediscovered it about 8 years ago when I met a friend who’s very Catholic and got back into the church but all this stuff has really shoved me back into the church not because I’m retreating in horror from the pace of social change but because it just feels like the cool thing to do.”

“I went to Santa Barbara and these kids, wearing these red hats which are like the track marks of 2016, carrying me aloft like Cleopatra, this is like ritualistic behaviour around an icon of dissidence and mischief that is exactly what we were doing in the 90s when people were like in black with eyeliner and Marilyn Manson,” he argued.

Listen to the preview below:


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