Milo Fan Tricks Animal Rights Activists Into Chanting ‘Free Milo’ In London

Milo Twitter

A Milo fan went to Twitter’s London office to ask the company about the Breitbart Tech editor’s suspension from the platform, although he was not allowed to see any company representative.

On his way to the office, he encountered a group of animal rights activists protesting unethical donkey rides. Convincing the activists that he was trying to liberate a “fabulous donkey named Milo” from captivity, the protesters agreed to be led in a chant of “Free Milo!”

The enterprising Milo fan then proceeded to Twitter’s London office, where he asked employees if they considered their jobs to be “based” or “high energy.”

After an employee informed him that he would need to make an appointment in advance if he wanted to talk to a company representative, he wrote a message on a piece of paper for the “higher-ups.”

The message, of course, was “Free Milo.”

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