Milo Stuns on ABC Nightline: ‘Trolls Are The Only Ones Telling The Truth’

2016-09-02_19h27_40 Cropped

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on ABC Nightline to discuss his Twitter ban, Leslie Jones, and why trolling is a good thing.

“With my name calling and with my provocation and with my bad manners, you know I think actually Americas had enough of nice manners.”

“If my rudeness creates conversation, my rudeness provokes people into first of all saying “oh what a monster blah blah blah” and then twenty percent of people start talking about what I was actually saying I will consider my career to be a terrific success”

“Trolling is very important, trolling is absolutely essential, America needs more trolling because trolls are the only people that tell the truth these days”

Watch the full clip below:


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