‘Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! MILO MILO GO AWAY’: Watch FSU Leftists’ Angry Reaction To Milo

11 Cropped

Black Lives Matter and the Students for Democratic Society banded together today at Florida State University to protest MILO’s talk on campus.

“Racist, sexist, anti-gay. Milo Milo, Go away!” the crowd chanted. The line of Milo fans awaiting entry into the lecture hall chanted back “Build the Wall.”


One Milo fan held up his own placard alongside those of the left-wing protesters.


The protest was led by a number of characters, including a hairy linebacker-sized male wearing a tight dress, an overweight woman with a striking purple mohawk.


The speakers accused Breitbart News of being a “far-right organization” supporting MILO and the “hate speech” he uses.


The anti-MILO rally concluded just before he took the stage, with protesters retiring to a separate venue for a meeting.


You can watch Milo’s full talk at FSU below.


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