Milo: ‘Leftist Gays Are Committing Suicide By Islamic Immigration’

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Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos pointed out the hypocrisy of left-wing gays branding him a “self-hating homo” while defending Islamic immigration during his talk at UCF today, saying they going to “commit suicide by Islamic immigration.”

“People accuse me of being a self-hating homo because I say that if I had the choice, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to be gay” Milo declared. “Once again, that’s just an opinion. There are many things about being gay that I don’t like, like not being able to make mini-Milos. But I don’t want to be thrown off a building. Or stoned to death. Or beheaded. Or gunned down in a nightclub.”

“I’d quite like someone to threaten to do that to me. Or pretend to. I mean, I’ll be honest, it’s tough for me to get off without a knife to my throat or a gun to my head these days” he joked. “But Islam takes this a little far. Islam really means it, and the Left refuses to see the danger.”

“America’s gay Establishment spent all of last week having a hissy fit because Out, a gay magazine, decided to write a reasonably balanced profile of me” Milo continued. “Hordes of homophobic Muslims are being imported to the west so they can shoot up gay nightclubs, and the left says nothing — except to blame it on “toxic masculinity”.”

“I’m not the self-hater. The whiny gay leftists who cry when I say something offensive but are silent in the face of an existential threat are the self-haters” he concluded. “They hate themselves so much they want to commit suicide — suicide by Islamic immigration.”

Milo’s quotes are from prepared remarks.

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