MILO: Conservatives Who Oppose Trump Can’t Call Themselves Conservatives


During a speech on the Supreme Court at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, MILO proclaimed that establishment conservatives who oppose Donald Trump “don’t care about America,” the Supreme Court, or conservatism.


“Even if you’re uncomfortable with some of Trump’s other policies, his rhetoric, and even his comments on the female reproductive system, this issue is the one that trumps all the others” declared MILO. “If Hillary is elected, she could appoint up to four new supreme court justices. Any so-called conservative who recognizes this, and still won’t vote for Trump… Well, I don’t think we can call them conservatives, can we?”

“These beltway conservatives don’t care about America. They care about their jobs, their influence, and everything else that comes with establishment power” he continued. “Trump poses an existential threat to their cosy status quo, and that’s why they oppose him. They don’t care about the Supreme Court. They don’t care about conservatism. They only care about themselves.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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