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Illinois U. Rejects ‘Sanctuary Campus’ Request

Officials at the University of Illinois shot down a proposal which would have transformed the grounds into a “sanctuary campus”, harboring illegal immigrant students and banning federal immigration officials.


College Dems, SJWs Push for Ole Miss ‘Sanctuary Campus’

The Ole Miss College Democrats and a social justice organization are asking the Student Senate to pass a resolution that would transform the campus into a “sanctuary campus” in order for illegal immigrants to escape deportation.

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Vanderbilt Students Demand ‘Sanctuary Campus’

Following other liberal American universities, Vanderbilt students are now demanding sanctuary city policies for their campus to ensure illegal immigrant students are not deported.

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Facebook Restores Carol Swain Account After Breitbart Exposes Block

“What they did was they blocked me and said for 21 hours I would not be able to post and at that point I contacted as many people as I could to tell them that Facebook was preventing me, they had blocked me from using my page and my friends started this campaign and somehow it reached Breitbart,” Carol Swain noted.

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Leftist Media Picked Missouri Mob over Vanderbilt Rape Victims

America is again engulfed in a barrage of grievance-driven tumult brought to us by victim-focused racial identity demagogues, who have long-preferred theatricality over reality. Although the flood of media attention on purported incidences of racism at the University of Missouri has forced the school’s president to resign, it also overshadowed another vexing social malady.

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Tennessee: 25 Student-Athletes to Watch in 2015-16

We ran the Value Add Sports calculations on all returning Tennessee athletes and emailed sports writers and other experts in the state to help rank the 25 state players to watch.

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WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: I Wish the Republican Party Could Not Be Racist

NASHVILLE, TN — On Tuesday, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson spoke at Impact Symposium at Vanderbilt University on the topic of “How You See It: Perceptions of (In)Equality.” Robinson commented on the Republicans opposing President Barack Obama and their perception