MILO: Islam Is The Real Rape Culture

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During his speech entitled “Feminism & Islam, The Unholy Alliance” at Western Carolina University tonight, MILO declared Islam to be the real rape culture, adding “feminists don’t want to talk about it.”

“I enjoy being abused, but only if it’s consensual” joked Milo. “Muslim immigration is one of the main reasons I left Europe, and I advise women to do whatever I can to follow me.”

“You see, Europe hasn’t solved the refugee crisis — they’ve just created a new one” he continued. “And where are the feminists? The feminists who think a mythical, made-up “rape culture” on college campuses is a real thing? Europe now has a real rape culture, but feminists don’t want to talk about it.”

“That’s virtue-signalling for you folks” Milo declared. “Talking about the made-up crimes of western college-age men gets you more social justice retweets than a real rape epidemic involving brown people.”

Milo continued to advise that people should cross off France from their “tourist bucket list” unless they “love rape culture and immigrants openly defecating in the street”, adding that the country is now “full of no-go zones”.

Written from prepared remarks.

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