MILO At Millennials For Trump: ‘Free Speech Is What Makes America Great’


Breitbart Senior Editor MILO spoke today at the Georgia “Millennials For Trump” rally to a packed room of young Republicans and conservatives, all with the shared goal of voting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump into the White House on November 8th.

“This is a very young room. And it’s not usual for a republican candidate for president to fill a room like this without them being y’know, young republicans and I say that with love. You know, the C-Pac crowd. But you’re very important because you are representative of the youthful force in this country and it’s a force that as a european I’m very happy to see, I’m very hopeful as well. It’s a force that really is the only thing that stands between this country, the greatest nation in the history of human civilisation” said Yiannopoulos to a crowd of young Republicans chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

“It’s the best country, you have the best country!” said Milo, “And I would like as a visitor and somebody who loves this place for it to stay the best country. Now it isn’t going to stay the best country if it doesn’t have borders, it isn’t going to stay the best country if it doesn’t have sensible trade agreements with other countries. It isn’t going to say this country if you cannot be, do and say anything you please, anything you want.”

“I don’t care whether you’re a crazy feminist lunatic who shows up to one of my talks to be embarassed. Anyone see that dear sweet little thing that NAACP chair? Bless her heart! ‘Excuse me like you’ve been talking about feminism and I didn’t hear you once say that feminism is for equality between the sexes so UM’” said Milo with a click of his fingers, doing an incredibly accurate impression of the angry young protestor

“Honey, no. You’d have thought they’d have learned by now. But I don’t mind those people! I don’t mind if you’re a petulant, pram throwing toys out of lunatic from black lives matter, I don’t care if you’re a socialist! Or a communist! The fact that your chosen political philosophy is responsible for more suffering than any other political philosophy in the history of our species. I don’t care if you’re a white supremacist. I don’t care if you’re an anti-semite. They don’t like me very much, either of those groups. They call me a degenerate, even worse than deplorable! There’s only one thing worse than deplorable and that’s degenerate. They call me a degenerate, race-mixing, kike, faggot!” Milo said, causing the crowd to erupt in laughter

“Well, I am guilty as charged! But you know it doesn’t matter, I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to share their views however noble or odious. And be given the full spotlight of public opinion. They should be given the opportunity to sell themselves to the American public and find success or be found wanting.”

Watch the full event at the link below,


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