MILO Eviscerates The Media: ‘Everyone Hates You And You Lie’


Addressing a crowd at a Millennials for Trump rally in Atlanta, MILO eviscerated the mainstream media, saying that “everyone” hates them because they lie.

“These media companies are closing their comment sections, and they claim it is ‘trolling.’ No it’s f***ing not, it’s because everyone hates you and you lie,” he said.

“If I were working at The Daily Beast of CNN, and I found that 90% of the comments under my pieces were awful, I’ve got two options in front of me. I can either say we might be getting something systematically wrong if so many people are ridiculing us and they are getting really angry about it.”

“That’s one option. The other option is to say the internet is full of misogynistic, racist, harassers, abusers and trolls and we’ve got to shut the comment section. That’s why we’re seeing a general move away from free speech on the left, because they’re losing the arguments,” he continued.

He also discussed the impact of the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, adding that although he thinks it will be a positive thing for Britain, the real reason he was happy was the reaction of the media, because “all of the worst people in the world hated it.”

“I can’t imagine a more brilliant and beautiful climax to this popular uprising than the election of Donald Trump,” he concluded.

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