MILO To Bernie Bros: ‘Put Down Your Vape Sticks’ And Vote Trump

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MILO encouraged Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for Donald Trump during his talk at UC Irvine on Sunday, urging them to “put down your vape sticks and take out your ballots.” 

“I’d also like to point out that the Bernie students stood up with the College Republicans” declared Milo, in response to the Bernie Sanders club at UC Irvine who stood with the College Republicans after they were suspended on campus in June. “I’m proud of the Bernie kids for looking beyond party lines.”

“Now of course Bernie bros have been sold out by their leader” he continued. “He was in it for personal profit. He lost all credibility when he endorsed Hillary Clinton. But that doesn’t mean his anti-establishment message was completely wrong.”

“Millennials who support Bernie understand that the battle here isn’t liberal versus conservative, but rather outsiders versus the establishment. The authoritarian and powerful versus the disenfranchised, the neglected, the lied-to, the forgotten” Milo explained. “I encourage Bernie supporters at UC Irvine to support the ultimate outsider in this election, Donald Trump. Put down your vape sticks and take out your ballots to support the Donald, and keep that corrupt old harpy Hillary out of the Oval Office.”

Pointing out some of the differences between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, Milo added “I know some of daddy’s policies offend you, but let’s be honest– if you can seriously look at Hillary Clinton and believe she represents the values that drew you to Bernie, you deserve an honorary Gender Studies doctorate for retardation.”

“Donald Trump won’t give Bernie supporters free college, but he can preserve your freedom” he concluded. “And all of us know there is no such thing as free college, it is just a matter of who is paying for it — UC Irvine isn’t getting any cheaper.”

MILO wears customized burka and hijab, $99. Combat boots by Diesel, $175. Sunglasses by Gucci, $225. Fishnet stockings: model’s own. 

Written from prepared remarks. 

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