MILO: Orange Is The New Black — Trump Is Going To Take The White House

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MILO mocked the enthusiasm of Hillary Clinton voters opposed to Donald Trump’s during his talk at Ohio State University on Friday, joking “Hillary can only get together as many people as will fit in an ambulance or emergency room.”

“As I said at the beginning of this evening’s talk, America is a wonderful place, the best place on earth. Many men died to make it that way, and then later to keep it that way” declared MILO. “No one is asking you to die now, but you must vote to keep the America you know and love. We’ve been waging a battle across the country to preserve free speech on campus in the face of social justice warriors and the professors that turned them into petty tyrants, and on Tuesday the entire country faces the same battle.”

“I’m not going to predict the results of Tuesday’s election. People paid to make grand predictions typically end up being catastrophically wrong” he continued. “You know, like the media that predicted that Donald Trump wouldn’t win a single primary? However signs are very positive for Trump.”

“The polls are changing rapidly– Trump has broken 50% of decided voters according to Rasmussen, and eliminated a big deficit in Virginia.  Pennsylvania is in play against expectations” Milo stated. “Donald Trump has massive overflow crowds, Governor Pence fills rooms, and even his children speak at huge rallies. Hillary can only get together as many people as will fit in an ambulance or emergency room.”

“The media, the pollsters, and the Clintons are scared. That is EXACTLY how we want them” he concluded. “Now it is up to you, the voters. Get out there, go vote and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

MILO wears bespoke blazer, $799. Jeans by Robin’s Jeans, $975. T-shirt in sand by Daniel Patrick, $75. Sneakers: 13 Jordans by Nike, $140. Eyewear by Versace, $320. Chains: model’s own.  

Written from prepared remarks.

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