WATCH: Milo Visits Deserted Media Row At Trump Victory Party

Milo Twitter

Breitbart senior editor MILO visited media row at the Trump victory party in New York City following the election of Donald J. Trump, only to find that most other journalists had deserted the event.

“This is the media covering the Trump victory party” said MILO, gesturing at empty rows of seats reserved for mainstream journalists. “This is what the media looks like.”

“What [this] tells you is that these people really don’t want to tell you what’s happening… Once the narrative self-destructs under the reality of a Trump victory, they just leave.”

“Whatever they tell you led to this victory, they have no clue. They don’t know. And this is why. They’re not here.”

“The only influential, now-mainstream publication this year that’s reporting honestly and has dozens of people on the floor? Breitbart News.”

MILO also visited a deserted FOX News enclave, where he and Breitbart contributor Mike Ma raided their ice-cream stash.


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