University Lecturer to Attend Planned Anti-MILO Protest at University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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A sizeable anti-MILO protest is set to take place at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, to coincide with his talk on campus. A university lecturer, Malcolm McDowell Woods, has announced plans to join the protesters.

The protest, which has been organized through Facebook by a group known the “Coalition Against the Ultra Right,” currently has over 200 planned attendees as well as over 350 people who have marked themselves as interested.

Describing the event, the organisers ask people to “join us in demonstrating opposition to a prominent alt-right speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, as he comes to UWM to speak at his latest event on the “Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

“Campus and community organizations are coming together to denounce this kind of speech that incites violence against Black people, Brown people, trans and gender non-conforming people, Muslim people, women, and other marginalized groups,” it continues.

The organisers go on to list some of MILO’s quotes, such as the notion that rape culture and Harry Potter are “both fantasy” and that Black Lives Matter is “mostly about attention and money.”

One of the attendees of the event includes a university lecturer in “publication design,” Malcolm McDowell Woods, who said he would join the protest following his teaching commitments.


Other people attending the event have described Milo as a nazi, with “sickening” opinions, a proponent of “hate speach,” whilst another student asks who she needs to contact “to tell them to cancel this speaker.”

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MILO’s talk at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee begins at 20:00 EST and will be broadcast live on Breitbart.

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