MILO: Taxation ‘Turns Us All Into Scrooge’


MILO claimed that taxation “turns us all into Scrooge” during his Christmas talk at the Minnesota State University on Thursday.

“Ebenezer Scrooge isn’t the bad guy because he makes good money” proclaimed MILO. “He is the bad guy because he lives a joyless and miserly existence, and doesn’t treat his employees well. Dickens’ issue with Scrooge isn’t that he made a lot of money, it is that he didn’t use any of it for charity and to help his fellow man.”

“Think about all of the good Scrooge does after he realizes the errors of his ways” he continued. “None of them would be possible for a poor man. He pays for Tiny Tim’s medical treatment, he donates to charity, and he treats his employees better. He already had wealth thanks to capitalism, he merely added some charity and virtue to go with his money.”

“We know that in general conservatives who favor capitalism are more charitably generous than liberals who favor a big government” MILO added, before claiming “Capitalism encourages charity, while socialism discourages it. Once charity happens in the form of taxation, it turns us all into Scrooge.”

Written from prepared remarks.

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