MILO: ‘The War On Christmas’ Is Real


MILO explained “the War on Christmas” during his talk at Minnesota State University on Thursday, referencing an article by the National Review’s David French.

On the topic of David French’s recent piece in the National Review, MILO called it “an amazing article”, adding that it “truly gives you insight into the War on Christmas.”

“The media has certainly been a part of that war for decades, they’re the real Grinch who stole Christmas” MILO declared. “French points out the most basic problem about the media is that they don’t believe what religious people say. Christians aren’t against gay marriage because of what the Bible says, but because they are bigots. Jihadists aren’t committing acts of terror in the name of Islam as they claim, they are terrorists because of bigoted Christians… along with all other westerners.”

“The second problem is that the media assigns the failings of the individual to the religion as a whole. A sinner doesn’t make the whole religion corrupt. Why are you all staring at me?” he joked. “Yes, I admit it, I am a sinner, but all people sin, we are human and God knows that. Even corrupt religious leaders do not somehow make the religion wrong. Jesus overturned the money changer’s tables in the Temple, he didn’t burn the temple down.”

“Thirdly, reporters think they can do a Google search or worse yet pull up Wikipedia and become fully versed on a religious concept” continued MILO. “This results in amazingly stupid analyses of topics they have not the slightest clue about. In other words, it becomes the typical fake news we’re all used to.”

MILO continued by adding “If David is listening, and if he isn’t he should be, thank you for shining a light on why the press does such a bad job with religion”, before reciting an entire quote from French’s article.

Finally, in spite of the enormous diversity of human experience, there are still those (even in the ranks of reporters and pundits) who believe that all religions basically teach the same things. Experience with Evangelicals and jihadists most clearly shows the distinctions. Evangelicals represent one of America’s most generous and charitable communities. But for Mormons, they’d be the most generous. Christians follow a God who gave his life on a cross. Jihadists follow a warlord, and they’re generous mainly with the sword.

“This sums it up. Our media, cultural elite, and educators don’t understand Christianity and have no interest in doing so. THAT is why we must fight them” concluded MILO. “We know we can beat them, we already have. We don’t even need Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer to guide the way!”

Written from prepared remarks.

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