MILO: Without Catholicism, Women Would Be ‘Married Off To The Highest Bidder’


After claiming that “Catholics are right about everything,” MILO urged the audience to “think about some of the things Christianity brought to western civilization” during his talk at Minnesota State University on Thursday, adding that without the religion, women would have been “married off to the highest bidder.”

“In the twelfth century, marriage came to be counted as a sacrament by the Catholic church” explained MILO. “As a sacrament, it does not require a priest, only the agreement of the man and woman, which is the greatest protection ever given to women in a system of marriage: by the Church’s argument, women cannot be married against their will, they and their bridegrooms must both say, “I do.””

“Think about that ladies, without the catholic church getting smart hundreds of years ago, you’d be married off to the highest bidder by your family” he continued, before adding “That’s one of my fantasies by the way.”

MILO then went on to compare the religion with Islam.

“In the Islamic world, girls are married off as little girls in some cases, and share a husband with other women in others” declared MILO. “And once you are married, heaven forbid you bring shame to your husband, or you might get caned, stoned, or suffer an honor killing.

“Even if we strongly dislike woman’s studies departments, we should all be thankful that they don’t involve proper burka maintenance” he concluded. “And that is due to the Catholic church. You’re welcome feminists!”

Written from prepared remarks.

Watch MILO’s full talk at Minnesota State below.

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