LA Times: Get Ready For More Showdowns Like UC Davis


The LA Times have urged fans of Breitbart Senior Editor MILO to “get ready for more” violent showdowns at his campus events, similar to those seen on Friday at UC Davis.

“It was the biggest political showdown at UC Davis in years: Hundreds of students and activists turned out last week with protest signs and noisy chants, ultimately shutting down a planned talk by provocative conservative Milo Yiannopoulos,” wrote The LA Times on Monday, before warning students to “get ready for more like it.”

As Donald Trump prepares to be inaugurated Friday as the nation’s 45th president, university students and officials are bracing for an escalation in campus political clashes and the sticky free-speech issues they present.

Yiannopoulos — who is scheduled to speak at UCLA, UC Berkeley and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo over the next three weeks as part of his national “Dangerous Faggot” tour — may be the firebrand of the moment, but university officials believe that Trump’s election has emboldened more voices like his.

“People feel enabled and at more liberty to push each others’ buttons. It’s arguably now politically correct to be politically incorrect,” Jerry Kang, UCLA vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, said Sunday. “There will be greater stress.”

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