Berkeley Mayor Apologizes, Retracts Claim that MILO is a ‘White Nationalist’ … And Replaces It With A New Lie


Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has apologized and retracted his earlier claim that MILO is a “white nationalist” after heavy criticism.

However, in a revised statement, he replaced the first lie with a new one, calling MILO a “prominent alt-rightist,” attributing to MILO an ideology he has repeatedly rejected. MILO is demanding a second apology and retraction.

Mayor Arreguin wrote that he regrets and apologizes for the “white national” label he ascribed to MILO in a statement he released early Thursday on the riots that occurred on the UC Berkeley campus last night.

Several Twitter users criticized Arreguin for his decision to falsely brand MILO as “white nationalist.”

The mayor also put out a revised statement, which no longer refers to MILO as a white nationalist. However, it now refers to him as a “prominent alt-rightist,” which is also false. It also argues that the protests were wrong because they “provided the ultra-nationalist far right exactly the images they want.”

Responding, MILO said “Wrong again. Will he apologize this time? And, while he’s at it, take responsibility for gleefully encouraging the riots last night?”

Arreguin, whose mayoral candidacy was endorsed by the Democrats and former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, was criticized for suggesting that MILO’s speech wasn’t welcome in Berkeley, shortly before the riots erupted.

Arreguin chose to conveniently ignored that just last week, MILO spoke out against white nationalism, claiming that we should be “aspiring to values and to ideas and focusing on what unites people, not what drives them apart.”

“You shouldn’t give a sh*t about skin color, you shouldn’t give a shit about sexuality, you shouldn’t give a sh*t about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do,” he concluded.

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