MILO: The Left’s Excuses for Berkeley Riot Tells Us How They Feel About Free Speech

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images
Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

Breitbart Senior Editor MILO claimed that the left’s reaction to the violent Berkeley riot on Wednesday “tells you something very very clear about the left’s commitment to free expression,” on Friday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125, where he discussed the riot among other things with Breitbart Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow.

“As you know, I’m a UC Berkeley graduate. I graduated in, I guess it was 2008 from there, so nine years ago,” said host and Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow. “My mother, Breitbart News copy-editor Wynn, was a flower child and graduated from Berkeley in 1969… She wrote a nice op-ed, and it’s about how she thinks free speech was never really a thing there.”

“There was something disingenuous about the free speech movement there in general, and when people claim the mantle of free speech, it is so often about an agenda. It’s not really about freedom of speech, Milo, and this is where I feel you and I really connected,” he continued. “You and I really are free speech purists… How amazing is it that a British, gay conservative is the standard-bearer of the free speech movement in the United States of America at this point?”

“I suppose it is slightly unusual, but then America has a long history of having to import Europeans to remind you of how great you are, and to encourage you to stay that way,” replied MILO. “Whether it’s Christopher Hitchens or Alexis de Tocqueville, Milo Yiannopoulos is merely the latest name added to that list. So I find it somewhat remarkable. On the question of whether people who always yell about free speech are doing so for a political agenda, you know what, only up until about ten years ago it might have been true. It might have been true that up until ten years ago, free speech was sort of a mask for being able to be mean about people, or sort of a mask for, what do you Americans say? An asshole?”

“Things have changed, and we’re now in a situation where if you want to be a free speech warrior, you have no option but to stand in opposition to the regressive left, to the powers, forces of social justice and feminism and Black Lives Matter,” he continued. “These all come from one end of the political spectrum, and if you do as you and I both do, and really believe in freedom of expression and creativity, and fun and joy and mischief and dissidence and irreverence, and all those other wonderful things that make life worth living, I don’t think you have any choice but to be Republican.”

“I did want to take the stage,” MILO explained. “I was so mad. Okay, I care about the free speech stuff, but I was really most mad because I had a beautiful custom Native American headdress with my name embroidered on. It was massive, beautiful… I was gonna look amazing, I was so excited about it, but yeah, I didn’t have to step on stage. I didn’t even have to go on stage to make my point. Those are the moments in culture where something shifts dramatically. When people don’t even need to speak and the whole country gives.”

In reply, Marlow added, “There’s no good response from the left, virtually, and the best one would be if they defend you and say ‘okay this has gone too far.'”

“There have been none, because a lot of them actually believe in this stuff. They actually believe it,” he proclaimed. “There is a group on the Berkeley campus that is pretty popular called By Any Means Necessary. It is a left-wing advocacy group that, by any means, they apparently mean smashing ATMs, setting fires, smashing school buildings, stopping people from going to class, stopping people from getting home from work, just essential terrorism.”

“And it isn’t just about smashing up property,” interrupted MILO. “I think all of us have limited sympathy for Bank of America and Wells Fargo at this point, but people were being attacked. People were being assaulted. There were people there who weren’t even Trump fans, who were just there because they’d heard about me and wondered what I might say, in line to get in, who were assaulted with blood streaming down their faces.”

“They were beaten up, beaten to a pulp, and there were people who were kicked and punched and beaten in the streets. This isn’t just about your typical ‘let’s destroy property, let’s loot, let’s break up cash machines, let’s put in windows of Starbucks (they don’t see the irony there) and Bank of America.’ This was people being brutally, physically assaulted,” MILO concluded. “That’s way worse, and the fact that the left cannot disavow it, cannot condemn it, and they won’t, they refuse. Even make excuses for it, like CNN is doing. It tells you something very very clear about the left’s commitment to free expression.”

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