MILO: The Left Tries to Silence The Right Because They Know They Can’t Beat Us

Milo Cal Poly 1

Breitbart senior editor MILO claimed that the left tries to silence conservatives “because they know they can’t beat us,” following thirty years of not having to argue, duringĀ Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM.

After Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle asked MILO why Bill Maher was the only prominent left-wing commentator to stand up for free speech following the far-left riot at UC Berkeley earlier this month, MILO claimed it didn’t surprise him.

“It doesn’t surprise me, I’m sorry to tell you, based on what I’ve seen of America so far,” replied MILO. “These people really don’t like free expression very much, and they hate me particularly. They hate a lot of great reporters at Breitbart because they know they can’t beat us in a far fight, so this is why they have a speech code, this is why they have language policing, and safe spaces, and trigger warnings, because they need to retreat from their fight and come up with excuses for not debating.”

“Because for thirty years they’ve run everything, and they’ve forgotten how to argue,” he claimed. “Now they know they can’t beat us in a fair fight. They get it wrong on immigration, they get it wrong on Islam, they get it wrong on a bunch of stuff, so they characterize our ridicules and criticism as ‘abuse and harassment.’ That’s why I got banned from Twitter, because I was too effective at telling the truth too often to the wrong people.”

“That’s why they hate Breitbart, that’s why they hate Trump, that’s why they hate you, that’s why they hate me, that’s why they hate many of our colleagues, our very talented colleagues at Breitbart,” MILO continued. “These people, who have invented systems over the last thirty years designed to protect them from fair debate, whether it is CNN constantly having three-on-one liberals to conservative to make conservatives look like outliers, and weirdos, and crackpots, whether it’s campus safe space culture which is designed to do one thing only– not to protect students from any real physical threat, but to marginalize and toxify conservative and libertarian opinion… Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because people want to hear the facts themselves, they want to be persuaded and not bullied into positions, and they quite like being informed about things.”

MILO went on to claim that there’s “something a bit suspicious” about people who say “‘Don’tĀ listen to him, don’t go to his talks, don’t read his Twitter feed, don’t read his columns, he is a…’ What are the words they typically use for conservatives? ‘Racist, sexist, homophobe…'”

“They’ll throw all these words at you to try to stop you from logging onto YouTube or from opening, because they know when people do do that, they find some very reasonable and interesting arguments,” he concluded. “And they might not agree with everything, but they’ll find some interesting stuff. It doesn’t surprise me that the left who has been engaged in this for thirty years or more maybe is just so profoundly hostile to free speech that they can’t appreciate the simple fact that if you shut down my speech today, I might be in power tomorrow, and I might do it back.”


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