Audio: Te'o Releases Voicemails from 'Girlfriend'

Audio: Te'o Releases Voicemails from 'Girlfriend'

Manti Te’o released three voicemails allegedly from “Lennay Kekua” to Katie Couric, which have been posted on the website of “Katie,” her syndicated talk show.

Te’o claims one of the calls was made on “September 12, 2012 — the day she supposedly died.” Te’o discusses the voicemails with Couric on her show, which airs on Thursday. Here is what “Lennay Kekua” said to Te’o in the voicemail that he released:

“Hey babe, I’m just calling to say goodnight.  I love you. I know that you’re probably doing homework or you’re with the boys, or a girl maybe, just razzing.  I just want to say I love you and goodnight and I’ll be okay tonight, I’ll do my best.  So, yeah, get your rest and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  I love you so much hun, sweet dreams.”

According to reports, the person making these phone calls was a man–Ronaiah Tuiasosopo–who was impersonating a female. He is believed to have been behind these voicemails as well.