NBA Players Fire Union Chief Billy Hunter

NBA Players Fire Union Chief Billy Hunter

(AP) Hunter voted out as head of NBA players’ union

Billy Hunter has been unanimously voted out as executive director of the NBA players’ association.

President Derek Fisher said Saturday was a day of change for the union, which has been building since a review of the union last month was critical of Hunter’s leadership and urged players to consider whether they wanted to keep him.

In brief remarks, Fisher said, “We want to make it clear that we are here to serve only the best interests of the players.”

Hunter had led the union since 1996 and his attorneys have indicated there could be a legal challenge if he was removed.

Hunter has been accused of using union funds to invest in a failing investment firm that employed his son (the U.S. Attorney is investigating whether this contract was legal) in addition to rampant cronyism in which he awarded contracts to family and friends and gave himself a $1.3 million vacation payout.