Obama Chooses to Preserve Golf Outings Instead of WH Tours for Kids

Obama Chooses to Preserve Golf Outings Instead of WH Tours for Kids

President Barack Obama will not cancel his golf outings even though the White House will eliminate White House tours starting this weekend to save $74,000 a week. 

According to the Washington Examiner, White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest “didn’t even answer” when reporters asked on Friday “whether Obama would scrap golf outings in the wake of so-called sequestration.”

Some Republican lawmakers have urged Obama to cancel his frequent golf excursions, which also require Secret Service officers to be present, instead of White House tours that are especially popular during the spring, when students from across the country visit Washington during their spring breaks. 

The White House cited budget cuts for eliminating the tours, and the Obama administration has been accused of eliminating them to try to exaggerate the impact of the sequester to win political points. 

Obama already gave himself a fantasy golf vacation in Florida, where he played with the likes of Butch Harmon, the world’s most expensive golf coach, and Tiger Woods while keeping the press away so the public could not see images of Obama living the high life while presenting himself as a champion of the middle class and demanding the wealthy pay their “fair share.” 

If Obama is seen leisurely golfing while more elementary students start Facebook pages begging the White House not to cancel the tours, the American public will resoundingly yell, “Fore!”