Bush, Baylor Crowd Cheer Griner Dunks; LSU Rallies

Bush, Baylor Crowd Cheer Griner Dunks; LSU Rallies

Women’s opening week March Madness games are played at schools in the tournament. That gave George W. Bush and the rest of Baylor’s home crowd the chance to cheer Brittney Griner’s three dunks in Baylor, and the LSU home crowd the chance to rally 6-seed LSU to a come-from-behind win over 3-seed Penn State in the final three minutes. As shown in the scores below, all of Tuesday’s games were decided by nine points or more, except for a back-and-forth battle between 3-seed Penn State and the host 6-seed LSU.

For more details on Baylor’s win, see the AP story here.

Tuesday’s Winners Going to Sweet 16

1-seed Baylor 85, 8-seed Florida State 47
2-seed Duke 68, 7-seed Oklahoma State 59
2-seed Kentucky 84, 7-seed Dayton 70
6-seed Delaware 78, UNC 69
5-seed Louisville 76, 4-seed Purdue 63
1-seed Stanford 73, 8-seed Michigan 40
1-seed Notre Dame 74, 9-seed Iowa 57
3-seed Penn State , 6-seed Louisville

Penn State led 60-55 with just under eight minutes to play, but the crowd noise built as LSU rallied. With 3:09 to play, LSU finally took the lead when Bianca Lutley kicked the ball back near the top of the key to Adrienne Webb, who drilled a three-pointer for three of her 29 points to give LSU the 63-62 lead.

On the next trip, LSU missed a shot but Shanece McKinney ran down a rebound and was bumped out of bounds to get two foul shots. She hit them both to make it 65-62.

After two Penn State baskets, Bianca Lutley scored off of a timeout with 46 seconds left to make it 67-66. Webb and Lutley then hit three of four free throws in the final seconds to make it 70-66 with very tough hands-in-the-face defense on Penn State.