Gay Rights Activist Cut From Super Bowl Champs

Gay Rights Activist Cut From Super Bowl Champs

The Baltimore Ravens cut ties with special teams standout Brendon Ayanbadejo who had become more known for his vocal support of gay marriage than for any production on the field.

Along with Vikings kicker Chris Kluwe, Ayanbadejo was the league’s most outspoken advocate on the subject and even attended rallies in front of the Supreme Court. 

An interview with Newsday gave the impression that Ayanbadejo felt he was being cut because of his views. On Twitter, however, Ayanbadejo attempted to clarify by stating that what he had meant was that his outspokenness had outdone his performance, making his compensation not worthwhile to the Ravens.

Baltimore has been supportive of Ayanbadejo in the past, and also stood behind his teammate, the now retired center Matt Birk, who wrote an op-ed expressing the opposite viewpoint.