Washington Post: Nationals, Not Obama Administration, Had Worst Week in D.C.

Washington Post: Nationals, Not Obama Administration, Had Worst Week in D.C.

Chris Cillizza, the author of the Washington Post’s “The Fix” political blog of record for those seeking conventional D.C. thought, thinks the Washington Nationals had the worst week in Washington last week even even after there were more revelations about the IRS’s targeting of conservatives and two bombshell reports about how the federal government has been secretly obtaining private phone and email records from Americans for years. 

His publication actually broke the PRISM story a day after the Guardian broke the story about the court orders that have allowed the federal government to force Verizon to give up all domestic and international phone records of its customers. 

Insular, out of touch and protective of the Obama administration and the permanent political hacks on both sides that sell him spin about conservatives he uncritically takes as fact because he does not know any better, Cillizza, though, still thinks the struggling Nationals had the worst week. 

He cites, as a source for his disappointment, conventional pre-season reports in ESPN and Sports Illustrated that picked the Nationals to win the World Series even though many baseball experts had doubts about the Nationals bullpen and thought the Braves may be a stronger team in the division.  

His high-pitched voice a forever reminder he will be situated at the mainstream media’s children’s table and never in the league of those like the late David Broder and Haynes Johnson, Cillizza wrote, “The Washington Nationals, for not being able to bring back that winning feeling, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.” 

Perhaps Cilizza just asked for suggestions–like he does for his lists of top state reporters and blogs about which he seems clueless–from mainstream journalists who were at Nationals games instead of trying unearth these Obama administration scandals. 

The political blogger says on his blog that he grants the “Worst Week in Washington” award “to the Democrat, Republican, West Wing dweller, Capitol Hill insider, K Street dealer, business guru, sports hero, think tank scribblers or other inhabitant of Planet Beltway who experienced the absolute worst week.”

Based on the blogger’s description, here is a top five list of those who really had the “Worst Week in Washington” last week. Congrats to Cillizza on his mindless insularity. Or something. 

1. President Barack Obama

The Obama administration is reeling from national security leaks and an IRS that targeted conservatives. Last week’s revelations made Americans even more distrustful of the federal government and exposed Obama as a president who has consistently failed to live up to his word and campaign promises.

2. The Mainstream Media

The esteemed mainstream media did not break one of the four major stories (national security leaks, the DOJ’s targeting of reporters, the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, and Benghazi) that have rocked the administration. 

3. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

Breitbart News unearthed Clapper’s previous testimony before Congress that may have compelled him to clarify his remarks that the National Security Agency was not “collecting” data on Americans.  

4. The National Security Agency 

Cillizza published his column before the Guardian revealed on Sunday that Edward Snowden was the leaker, but the agency was reeling by the time the blogger posted his blog post because information about three of its most sensitive programs (Verizon, PRISM, “global heat map”) had been leaked. 

5. The IRS

There were three IRS hearings in Congress. Acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel said the IRS had lost the trust of the American public. J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, said the targeting he found while auditing the IRS was “unprecedented” and worse than anything Richard Nixon’s administration ever did.

IRS officials testified before Congress about lavish conferences and expenses at conferences that made Reps. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD) both powerfully note that the IRS wasted more taxpayer funds on various videos and sessions at these conferences and seminars than nearly all of their constituents make in a whole year. IRS officials said they were not sure if the Disneyland conference cost $4.3 million, noting the figure could be closer to $5 million. George also said he was in the process of auditing the IRS on the six-figure bonuses that were paid to employees, specifically those, like Sarah Hall Ingram, who were involved in targeting conservatives. IRS employees in Cincinnati said, contrary to the Obama administration’s spin, that it was nearly impossible for them to go rogue. Americans are so outraged that the Tea Party Patriots organized a mass rally in Washington D.C. that will take place on June 19.