Report: ESPN May Hire Olbermann to Blunt Fox Sports 1 Buzz

Report: ESPN May Hire Olbermann to Blunt Fox Sports 1 Buzz

Noted Tea Party basher and liberal mouthpiece Keith Olbermann has struggled in recent years to identify a network willing to broadcast his radical, hate-filled opinions. However, it appears that ESPN, ever eager to open its doors to those on the political Left, may be welcoming the the talking head back into the fold.

Olbermann was with the network from 1992-1997 where he was a highly successful SportsCenter anchor, most popularly paired with Dan Patrick.

However, his tenure with the network had plenty of rough patches, and he did not leave ESPN on good terms. He even called Bristol, CT, home to ESPN, a “godforsaken place.” Olbermann has also signed a deal with TBS to be an in-studio host for the network’s postseason baseball coverage, and TBS may not be thrilled that Olbermann may appear on ESPN before TBS.

Nevertheless, the former host of MSNBC’s Countdown seems bent on a return, and, ESPN, which is preparing for the arrival of rival station FOX Sports 1 next month, may be looking to make a splash.

With competition coming into the full-time sports coverage market, it appears that viewers will have a  choice between FOX Sports 1, owned by a company whose leadership holds more traditionally mainstream views, or ESPN, a network that shamelessly promotes causes of the Left and now looks to bring on Olbermann, who called Tea Partiers “racists,” President Bush a “fascist,” and was criticized by the Los Angeles Times for running a show that was essentially a smug liberal echo chamber.

If Olbermann were to return to ESPN, it would likely be to lead a late-night show for the network. FOX Sports 1 is currently set to launch August 17th.