A Girl with a Gun (and Bra Holster): Flashbang Creator Reveals Idea Behind Design

A Girl with a Gun (and Bra Holster): Flashbang Creator Reveals Idea Behind Design

In a previous story titled, “Ladies, Get Your Bra On (And Your Gun Too),” Breitbart News reported on the Flashbang holster for women. It is a holster that clips between the two cups of a bra and allows women with C-cups or larger to carry a gun under their top in a manner that is completely concealed. 

Recently, the NRA provided Breitbart News with insights into the motivation behind holster designer Lisa Looper’s creation, and we decided her love for guns and family merited a follow-up to our original story. 

In a video provided by the NRA, Looper says she and her husband own a holster manufacturing company called Looper Brand.

Prior to developing the Flashbang, she said it was hard to carry a gun without everyone knowing, so she set out to find a way “to make it easy for a woman to carry a gun.” Through trial and error she discovered that “that little curve right under the bust-line was a great little hiding hole” for a pistol. 

Looper said her desire to carry a gun really came along right after she had children. “As a mom,” she says, “I can’t imagine anything scarier than someone coming in and taking one of my babies and me being powerless to stop it.” Looper says “having a gun keeps [her] from having to just scream and hope for help from a stranger.”

She also said having a gun close allows her to protect her boys, “which is what a mom’s supposed to do.”

In other words, possessing a gun keeps her from living as a victim in a world where Piers Morgan “[Doesn’t] want all women armed with guns.”

Looper says “shooting sports is something the whole family can be involved in.” She says it’s time without video games and cell phones–a time when they “focus on each other” and “focus on the experience.”

In Oklahoma City, Looper is a member a group called “A Girl & A Gun.” She says it is comprised of a “diverse group of women” who are “incredibly smart,” and who share a passion for guns. The group gets together at the range to shoot, talk gun safety, and to introduce their kids to guns and gun safety.

The bottom line–Lisa Looper refuses to be a victim, and she has created a holster that will allow other women to refuse to be victims too.

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