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#21 Oklahoma State Cowboys Survives Scare From Kansas State Wildcats

#21 Oklahoma State Cowboys Survives Scare From Kansas State Wildcats

The Oklahoma State Cowboys had to come back with less than 5:00 left in the game to avoid losing two straight games. They beat the Kansas State Wildcats 33-29.

The game was neck and neck from the starting kickoff. Neither team had complete control. Kansas State came from behind to go up 29-23 with 6:09 left in the fourth quarter, but Oklahoma State quickly answered with a touchdown and extra point to go up 30-29. However, they knew they could not get too comfortable because there was plenty of time left on the clock. 

Yet, on their first possession of the drive, Cowboys quarterback Daniel Sams threw an interception to Shaun Lewis, who returned it for 24 yards to the Kansas State 17. The Wildcats defense fought back and held the Cowboys to only a field goal. They went up 33-29 with about 2:30 left in the game. Again, a lot of time left for the Wildcats.

A panic ran through T. Boone Pickens Stadium as the Wildcats drove the ball into Oklahoma State territory. But Sams buckled under pressure. Again. He threw an interception to Daytawion Low, who returned it for 72 yards to the Kansas State 7.

The stadium exploded and one could almost hear the sigh of relief from Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy.


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