Surfer Potentially Breaks World Record… After Saving Friend's Life

Surfer Potentially Breaks World Record… After Saving Friend's Life

Carlos Burle may have set a world record by riding what could have been a 100-foot wave on Monday. But he did so after he saved his friend’s life earlier in the day. 

Burle said he plucked his friend Maya Gabeira from the water after she snapped her ankle and went under after failing to negotiate a bump. After Gabeira was revived and in the hospital and after he was “sure Maya was making a recovery, he jetted back into the lineup. He rode the last wave of the day, and it was perhaps the biggest chunk of moving water ever surfed.”

According to StabMag:

Carlos Burle just rode the biggest wave ever. And, he he did it after saving Maya Gabeira’s life. The two Brazilians were surfing Portuguese ridiculously-big wave spot Nazaré, when Maya failed to negotiate a bump, snapped her ankle and went under. Fast forward five minutes and Carlos plucked her from the water, were she was floating face down. She was revived on the beach.

Burle described how he felt when his friend went missing:

Man, she was gone for about five minutes. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I was so scared. I didn’t want to lose my friend, you know? Then I saw her and raced towards her. There were these huge waves just breaking on us and over us, and she missed the sled. She was weak and she couldn’t grab on and we were getting pounded. I wanted to her to get the rope, or the sled. She couldn’t manage. Then she disappeared again.

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