Quick Access Handgun Storage: The 9g Inprint Biometric Safe

Quick Access Handgun Storage: The 9g Inprint Biometric Safe

Guns are important, and having one within reach when an intruder enters your home could spell the difference between life and death–not just for the father or the mother, but for the whole family. 

Yet some parents who understand the necessity of a firearm will forgo purchasing one for fear that a child will find and misuse it. This is a genuine fear that is exploited by the anti-gun media.

Enter the 9g Inprint biometric handgun safe. With this safe you can literally keep a gun right by your bed, and no one but you will have access to it–even if your kids see the safe, they cannot get into it much less get the gun.

9g is an American company located in heartland America–Bonner Springs, Kansas. When Breitbart News spoke with company president Ken Stacy, he told us why being American made is so important:

We are the only made-in-America product in the biometric handgun safe world. This gives us an advantage in that our circuit boards are made here in America, which enables us to quickly better our product whenever we see a way to do it. We are on our third generation of biometrics now. 

Stacy said these things all come together to provide 9g Inprint safes with a far lower biometric fail rate than those of other companies–which are usually made in China.

He said handgun safes which are made in China then sold by other companies in America have a biometric fail rate of approx. 1 in 5,000. That means when the gun owner swipes his or her fingers across the biometric device to open the safe, the door will fail to open 1 in every 5,000 tries. 

With the 9g safe, the fail rate falls to 1 in 100,000. 

The 9g Inprint is easy to install in your house, business, or other property. Just anchor it to studs in the floor then program in your finger prints to access the safe. And because a home intruder may not wait until the father is home before breaking in, the 9g records three fingers from the father and three fingers from the mother. This gives access to a life-saving handgun for both adults in the middle of an emergency.

For information on purchasing a 9g Inprint biometric safe, see their list of dealers. I bought mine from Riverfields in Amarillo–the best little gun store in Texas.

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