Former All-Pro Fred Dryer: NFL Now 'Government Football'

Former All-Pro Fred Dryer: NFL Now 'Government Football'

Fred Dryer, the ex-NFL and All-Pro great who later appeared on popular shows like Hunter and Cheers, said that the NFL has now become an activist league that is all about the politics. 

Appearing on the Mark Levin Show on Friday, Dryer spoke about reports that the NFL is thinking about penalizing players 15 yards for using the N-word, and he said that the NFL just wants to drag fans out of their armchairs and “hit you with all these sensibilities” that’s “all just nothing but the politics.”

“It’s government football now,” he said. 

Dryer said that he played before the ESPN era and the “media explosion,” and he emphasized that it “was a better time.” 

“There were gay players then. They were using the ‘N-word’ then, they’re using it now,” he said. “There’re gay players now, nothing’s changed except the politics.”

Levin said that fans watching on television can’t even hear the foul language, but Dryer said that the NFL “seems to be activists” on so many levels and, “what you get now is everybody sticking their nose into it.”

“You’re not going to run out and police the world,” Dryer said, noting that people should be able to play and talk as they wish on the field. 

Dryer appeared in January on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 with Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon, and the report of his interview went viral. During that appearance, Dryer blasted the moderate Republicans that came into power after President Ronald Reagan left office. He was especially angry that the the establishment viewed the Tea Party movement that gave House Republicans their majority back as an enemy rather than an ally: 

“They put them through a series of washings to get all that independent thinking out of there,” Dryer said before emphasizing that the “cowardice that is in the Republican Party today is only matched by their myopic opinions of themselves.”

Dryer said the Republican Party bosses want to be liked by The New York Times and have bought into and been “intimidated into believing” the notion that, if they oppose liberal policies, they are “racist, sexist, homophobe, those types of things.” He said the establishment Republicans have done an excellent job of institutionalizing “complete stupidity” by adopting and abiding by various rules that “only weaken them” in national elections.