Pineda-ing: Olympian Mocks Yankee in Fenway First Pitch

Pineda-ing: Olympian Mocks Yankee in Fenway First Pitch

The Boston Red Sox honored Meghan Duggan, captain of the US women’s Olympic hockey team, by inviting her to throw out the first pitch at Fenway Park on Thursday. Duggan reciprocated by mocking the team’s rivals.

Before the two-time Olympic silver medalist tossed the ball across home plate, she made a conspicuous pawing motion upon her neck imitating Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda, tossed from Wednesday’s game against the Red Sox in the second inning for the glop of pine tar on his neck used by him to get a better grip on the ball in the cold weather. The Fenway Faithful approved. 

Duggan, a Red Sox fan born in Danvers, Massachusetts, starred in multiple sports at Cushing Academy before excelling in hockey at the University of Wisconsin. Thursday was the second time she has thrown out the first pitch at Fenway.

The Yankees, perhaps inspired by the mockery or the events of the previous evening, exacted their revenge in a 14-5 blowout that witnessed Red Sox outfielder Mike Carp, whose prowess on the mound evoked the first person to throw a pitch last night, come into the game in relief.