Churchill Downs Demands Wes Welker Money Back

Churchill Downs Demands Wes Welker Money Back

According to TMZ, Wes Welker, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, allegedly walked away from the Kentucky Derby with an extra $15,000 that wasn’t his because a machine malfunctioned. When Churchill Downs asked him to return the money, he responded on The Dan Patrick Show, “Get in line!”

The five-time Pro Bowler maintained that “we had no clue. They could have underpaid us and we wouldn’t have known.”

Welker placed a series of bets at Churchill Downs on May 3rd, mostly on second-place finisher Commanding Curve. The long-shot gambles paid off. He sent a friend to collect, and that friend received $57,193.90. Upon receipt of the cash, the shifty slot receiver gave $100 bills to random strangers in celebration of his good fortune. 

TMZ reports that officials at Churchill Downs say that the error by the machine occurred while Welker’s ticket was being paid out, and Welker got an additional $14,858.55. A representative for Churchill Downs said that once the track figured out what had happened, they immediately sent a letter to Welker’s friend asking for the money back. The track doesn’t expect their money paid back, at least directly. Churchill Downs spokesman Darren Rogers says he wants Welker to return to the historic track and wager that $14,858.55.