San Antonio Billboard Heckles Miami Heat For Being 'Bought' Not 'Built'

San Antonio Billboard Heckles Miami Heat For Being 'Bought' Not 'Built'

The NBA Finals commence tonight.

A an old-media billboard has gone viral through new-media Twitter. Kinda. Sorta.

The billboard heckles the Heat for being “bought” unlike the San Antonio Spurs who have been “built” through crafty drafting strategies. Apparently, both team’s methods work. For the second consecutive year the Heat and Spurs will be squaring off for the championship. Game 1’s tipoff comes shortly after 8 p.m. Central time in San Antonio. 

Last year the Heat won in seven games thanks to the heroics of Ray Allen hitting a three point shot with five seconds left pushing Game Six into overtime and an ultimate Heat victory. Allen, along with LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Birdman, Shane Battier, and other key players arrived in Miami through free agency.

As it turns out the billboard was also around last year as well. However, the Heat can’t tear it down. That’s because the sign is a virtual billboard made by a creative photo-shopper and it doesn’t exist in the physical world. Hopefully for the Spurs, they can come home with the Larry O’Brien Trophy, which they know from four past experiences definitely exists in the physical world.