Sao Paulo Still Faces Possible Subway Strikes During World Cup

Sao Paulo Still Faces Possible Subway Strikes During World Cup

Brazil still might encounter a subway worker strike in Sao Paulo during the World Cup. The workers suspended the strike on Monday, but threatened to start again by Thursday–the first day of the tournament–if 42 fired workers are not rehired.

Sao Paulo, the nation’s largest city, will host the opening match on Thursday between Brazil and Croatia. The subway strike has caused massive delays and chaos. From The Guardian:

On Monday, the fifth day of the metro workers’ strike, traffic jams created a 200km matrix of solid gridlock, like a heaving, seething tumour suffocating the entire city. Metro workers, who are demanding a 20% pay rise, are voting about whether to continue striking during the World Cup. It looked likely that they would, leading to what many are predicting to be the most chaotic opening to a World Cup ever.

“The traffic has been an absolute nightmare, especially for the past three years but particularly in the past 20 days,” said Janiana, a nanny. “There have been bus strikes and train strikes and you can’t move anywhere. And look at it! The stadium’s not even done!”

The transportation department says they have a Plan B, but did not release details. One employee told the Associated Press the details will be released only if the workers strike.

Rio de Janeiro workers threatened to strike, but voted on Tuesday not to go ahead with the plans.

The tournament kicks off tomorrow on ESPN at 4PM CT.