Ex-Stripper Sues Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Ex-Stripper Sues Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

A former exotic dancer allegedly responsible for taking those racy pictures of Jerry Jones with several strippers has filed a civil suit against the Dallas Cowboys and the team’s owner.

Jana Weckerly seeks more than a million dollars in damages. Attorney Thomas Bowers III filed the suit in the district court of Dallas County a few hours after Jones’s Cowboys dropped the opener at home to the San Francisco 49ers.  

The Oklahoma woman alleges that Jones fondled, kissed, and digitally penetrated her without her consent. “Defendant JERRY JONES intentionally and knowingly received oral sex from another female while in the presence of Plaintiff,” the suit alleges. “When Defendant JERRY JONES intentionally and knowingly received oral sex from the female, he knew that Plaintiff was present and intentionally and knowingly wanted Plaintiff to see said oral sex act.”

The stripper alleges that exposure to such indecent conduct resulted in emotional distress and likely damages future career prospects. “As a result of the conduct and incidents described herein,” the brief contends, “Plaintiff has suffered many other damages, including loss of self esteem, loss of trust, depression, substance abuse, and suicide attempts.”

The described incidents allegedly took place in 2009. 

The lawsuit seeks a possible seven-figure award, which, given the recent $3.2 billion valuation of the Cowboys, the team can afford.

“Because the jury could potentially determine that fair and reasonable damages are in excess of $1,000,000 in this case,” the petition reasons, “Plaintiff must state that she seeks monetary relief of over $1,000,000 so as not to limit what the jury may award in this case.”

Jones’s attorney calls the lawsuit a “money grab” and the allegations “an attempt to embarrass and extort.” 



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